Venture Niagara - Community Futures Development Corporation

Loan Applications

Financing is accessed by the submission of a Loan Application, satisfactory due diligence by Venture Niagara staff and approval by the corporation’s Business Development Committee. Like any application for a business loan, a certain amount of detail will be necessary both on the application and through supporting documents.

Loan Application

Venture Niagara’s loan application serves as an excellent business plan template.

A business plan is essential for you to organize your thoughts, assets and plans. This will help you know where you are going and it will help others to understand what you want to achieve. We require this information to assess your potential for success and ability to repay financing you may receive.

The following 3 forms for loans up to $150,000 must be completed and returned to be reviewed for Venture Niagara financing.

Download Loan Application (.doc, 323 kb)

Download Statement of Personal Finances (.doc, 130 kb)

Download Cash Flow Forecast (.xls, 106 kb)

Security is required for Venture Niagara financing. It may include personal guarantees, GSA’s chattel mortgages, life insurance, and/or collateral realty mortgages on commercial and/or residential property.

Helpful Tools

Small Business Express Loan (up to $10,000)

The following 2 forms below must be downloaded, printed, completed and returned:

Download Small Business Express Loan (.doc, 513kb)

Download Statement of Personal Finances (.doc, 130 kb)

Small Business Express Loan (.pdf, 718 kb)

Please note – A cash flow forecast or additional information may be required.