Venture Niagara - Community Futures Development Corporation

Community Economic Development

Venture Niagara acts as a catalyst for community-based economic development.

Venture Niagara collaborates with partners in the public and private sector to develop and implement projects based on the needs of the community. The organization has been actively involved in projects in many economic sectors including tourism, manufacturing, cultural and agricultural projects across the region.

Community Economic Development Strategies

The overall CFDC strategy takes into account broad global and national trends, as well as local strengths and weaknesses.

The strategy is future directed, intended to enable the community to respond to new problems and opportunities as they arise. Strategies employed by Venture Niagara are simple, straightforward and positively affect the social, cultural, educational and economic development needs of our communities. It is long term and evolving naturally from within rather than imposing short-term “fixes” upon the community.

Current Trends

  • Small Business will continue to be the main creator of employment opportunities
  • The majority of local employment creation will come from local business expansion spurred by community members
  • Employment development is more likely to occur in a nurturing environment
  • From an employment creation perspective, it is more effective to enhance the skills of existing business than to attract or create new business
  • Excellence is always in demand
  • Sustainable locally owned development generates proportionately more community wealth
  • Employment development is created by working with and through other groups and individuals, providing tools and resources to help others succeed. Venture Niagara cannot create sustainable employment alone.
  • Employment development and a skilled knowledgeable labour force must go hand in hand.