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Cycling Tourism

The Niagara Region is becoming a very popular cycling destination. Individuals, as well as small and large groups and even tour operators from outside of the area are using the growing network of cycling paths and lanes on our roadways and multi-use trails on a daily basis. A notable increase in touring cyclists on the 140km Greater Niagara Circle route has drawn the attention of many merchants and business districts and they want to learn more about generating sales from this lucrative market.

In 2014, Venture Niagara received funding from the Ministry of Training, College and Universities to help hire a Cycling Tourism Coordinator and provide resources for a cycling tourism project. We conducted an environmental scan to assemble an inventory of cycling infrastructure, initiatives and resources in the twelve cities, towns and townships within the Regional Municipality of Niagara. We surveyed visiting cyclists; researched six cycling friendly destinations throughout the world; and attended several cycling related events as part of our project.

A significant amount of information was collected and made available to local businesses and various levels of government who are incorporating various aspects of cycling into their strategic plans and business plans. The creation of a bilingual resource centre assists in establishing a “go to” location for the growing number of businesses and groups (i.e. business improvement associations, downtown improvement associations, and chamber of commerce, etc.) looking for expertise in growing their business.

The highlight of the project was the launch of This is a bilingual, cycling focused website with a new video showcasing Niagara as a premier cycling tourism destination. To see the website information and video, visit,, or

Businesses and organizations interested in benefitting from the growing popularity of cycling are invited to advertise on the site. It is relatively inexpensive to do so and a great value to be associated with this special product. Many business have already purchased their location on the site. Call Venture Niagara today at 905.680.8085 to find out how you can too.