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Francophone Community Support

Venture Niagara’s is a bilingual Community Futures Development Corporation. Our services are offered in both of Canada’s official languages. We work with other Niagara based francophone agencies throughout the Niagara region to facilitate communication between organizations serving the francophone community through “La Table de concertation interagence francophone”.

Profile of the Francophone Community in Niagara Region

profile-francophoneVenture Niagara was the lead partner in the production of the “Profile of the Francophone Community in the Niagara Region”.

The report provides a profile of the francophone community in the Niagara region. It is based on the most current information provided by Statistics Canada data obtained during the 2011 census.

In addition to census information other primary data sources are used to help describe the socioeconomic characteristics of the francophone population.

Many variables define the francophone community including population, education, economy and diversity. These indicators are employed in this report in order to offer a well-rounded image of Francophones in the Niagara region.

The document, in either official language, is available to download here:

(Français) Profil de la communauté francophone de la région de Niagara (pdf : 7 MB)
Profile of the Francophone Community in Niagara Region (pdf : 7 MB)

Issues Table and Partnerships within Francophone Communities


To act as a forum for exchanges, training and collaboration among Niagara Region Francophone agencies in order to promote partnerships and to aid in the development of Niagara’s Francophone community as a whole.                     


  • Enhance the identity of French communities in the region.
  • Facilitate communication between agencies that serve the region’s Francophones.
  • Strengthen community links and promote citizen engagement.
  • Empower communities to help meet challenges.
  • Strengthen collaboration and partnerships between French language agencies and stakeholders in the region.
  • Increase visibility of French communities in the region and beyond.
  • Promote French language services in the region.

We are pleased to work with many community partners such as:

  • ABC Communautaire
  • Centre de Santé Communautaire
  • CERF Niagara Inc.
  • Club Lasalle
  • Collège Boréal
  • Comité D’Action Régional sur l’Immigration Francophone
  • S.O.F.I.F.R.A.N.
  • Réseau immigration
  • Service Canada
  • Résidence des aînés canadiens-français
  • Santé Publc
  • Club Renaissance
  • Cinéfest Niagara
  • Région Niagara
  • Conseil Scolaire Viamonde
  • Fondation Trillium de l’Ontario
  • Conseil Scolaire District Catholique Centre-Sud
  • Club Richelieu Niagara Falls
  • Réseaux locaux d’intégration des services de santé de l’Ontario
  • Entité2
  • John Howard Society
  • Contact Niagara
  • Centre polyvalent des ainés de PC
  • Au coin des petits
  • Club Social
  • Ontario Office Works
  • Ville de Welland
  • Club Richelieu St. Catharines
  • Foyer Richelieu
  • La Boîte à soleil
  • RDÉE