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Thorold Tourism


Thorold Tourism – Venture Niagara has a contract with the city of  Thorold  to  carry out the responsibility for promoting tourism on behalf of the municipality. Our main responsibilities are to operate the Lock 7 viewing Center and manage tourism marketing.

Our involvement in the tourism role started in 2015. We  have developed the official tourism web site and manage social media accounts including Facebook: @thoroldtourism7  Twitter @thoroldtourism and Instagram thoroldtourism to advance the City of Thorold’s tourism presence online.

In 2016 the Thorold Historical Society Museum  moved into the Lock 7 viewing center offering a historical collection of Thorold. The displays have assisted in the extension of the visitor’s length of stay at the Lock 7 viewing centre. Summer students are hired annually every summer for the day to day operations of the center. Supervisory and management is carried out by Venture Niagara staff. The Lock 7 viewing center is also a great location to gather guest information and provide a synopsis of this data to the Council on a regular basis

Other activities include:

  • Working with the Thorold Tourism Advisory Committee
  • Established a working relationship with the City of St Catharines, Welland Downtown BIA and City of Port Colborne for the development of the new Welland Canal brochure and web site:
  • In partnership with the downtown Thorold BIA, developed a Thorold map with points of interest and to drive business into downtown.
  • Active member of the BIA marketing committee
  • Involved in Heritage Tourism meetings which identified heritage assets – Result: Port Robinson Walking Tour pilot project.
  • Created signage for the Port Robinson Ferry.
  • Recognized volunteer Lock 7 boat nerds by providing them with a t-shirt identifying them as the City of Thorold volunteers “Ask me about the Welland Canal”.
  • Creation of a photo bank for the use of the City of Thorold and partners.
  • A need was identified in Thorold for greater communication between organizations with the common goal of promoting the City of Thorold and its businesses and business districts. Memorandum of Agreement was signed in 2016 by the Greater Thorold Business Council, BIA, Tourism Advisory Committee and Tourism Agent to form the Combined Chairs Alliance (CCA). A pilot project was formed  -which encourages businesses to take part in:
    • Training sessions
    • Referral program
    • Secret shopper program
    • Community marketing campaign
    • Help spread the word about Thorold’s uniqueness