Business Plan Assistance

The experienced staff at Venture Niagara understands small business and the local marketplace.

Staff responds daily to questions from potential entrepreneurs and draws on experience and knowledge of in-house and on-line resources to provide information to local businesses. We will provide guidance in the preparation of a detailed business plan, critique an existing document or work with a potential client on a loan application to help secure financing.

Business Tools

Venture Niagara offers excellent business tools which are essential for you to organize your thoughts, assets and plans. They will help you know where you are going and it will help others such as your lender to understand what you want to achieve.

Business Plan Template

Business start-ups are encouraged to prepare a Business Plan by using the online template offered by Venture Niagara.

To help you complete your business plan, follow along with our accompanying Putting it Together Guide. It provides descriptions and practical tips.

Existing Businesses/Corporation can provide (upload) corporate presentations instead of using Venture Niagara’s business plan template.

Cash Flow Forecast Template

This spreadsheet will help you to predict sales and expenditures.


Loan applications will require additional information. See our list of documents.