Business Financing

Over $20,000,000 in repayable financing has been provided to local businesses.

Venture Niagara invests loan and equity capital in existing, emerging, innovative and start up enterprises in Niagara, Canada. Funds assist entrepreneurs starting a new business or with business expansions. The primary objective of Venture Niagara’s financing is to invest in good businesses that create and maintain sustainable employment in the community.

Loan Products

Venture Niagara offers repayable financing of up to $250,000. We invest in local companies with term loans and operating lines while being mindful of the risk in order to continue to help grow the local economy.

The Term and Express loans are also available as operating lines of credit.

Express Loan

Between $2,500 to a maximum of $10,000

This money can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services for your business.
Do you need a new computer, web site, some software or technical training to keep your business competitive? Or, maybe your company just got a new contract and you need to purchase supplies to get started with the job. Or, you need print or display materials for trade shows but it’s not in your budget right now.

Term Loan

Up to $250,000

Whether you want to start a new business or grow an existing one, talk or meet with our staff. Venture Niagara offers repayable financing of up to $250,000.
Flexible repayment schedules, advisory services and loan monitoring are part of the loan agreement for the benefit of the client as well as protecting Venture Niagara’s investment. We consider loans from all sectors.


Venture Niagara will consider equity investments in emerging and innovative businesses in Niagara. This financing is available to qualifying applicants in virtually every sector of the economy.

Loan Application Process

Venture Niagara staff meet with loan applicants to learn more about the business and its principals. While reviewing and assessing loan applications, staff may require additional information prior to presentations and recommendations to the Loan Committee. The Committee generally meets once per month and has final approval. Venture Niagara staff continues to monitor clients’ business activities on a regular basis.

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Venture Niagara Business Loan Application

If you are interested to learn more about Venture Niagara’s business financing programs please click on this email and provide your contact details or call our office at 905-680-8085 to connect with out Business Loans Officer.