Community Economic Development

Venture Niagara acts as a catalyst for community-based economic development.

Venture Niagara collaborates with partners in the public and private sector to develop and implement projects based on the needs of the community. Our organization has been actively involved in many economic sectors including tourism, manufacturing, cultural and agricultural projects across the region.

Community Economic Development Strategies

The overall CFDC strategy takes into account broad global and national trends, as well as local strengths and weaknesses.

The strategy is future directed, intended to enable the community to respond to new issues and opportunities as they arise. Strategies employed by Venture Niagara are simple, straightforward and positively affect the social, cultural, educational and economic development needs of our communities. It is long term and evolving naturally from within rather than imposing short-term “fixes” upon the community.

Present Community Economic Development projects include:

The Niagara Tourism Network

The Niagara Tourism Network is an organization of grass roots tourism colleagues who meet to encourage partnerships, business development and networking opportunities.

Mandate: To offer monthly information exchanges to encourage synergies and marketing partnership opportunities. These meetings take place in all municipalities of the Niagara Region to promote the region as a whole to better understand our diverse product to ultimately increase guest experience, length of stay and increase sales.

So improve your bottom line by joining the Niagara Tourism Network by contacting Susan Morin at 

Wine Tourism

The Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre

The Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre is dedicated to providing resources to visitors, tour operators, businesses and business improvement districts regarding Niagara’s cycling tourism products.

On this website you will find routes, interactive trail maps, cycle-friendly business services and travel information. Welcome to bike friendly Niagara and our 12 municipalities. Safe journey!

Art in the Open

Art in the Open is focused on furthering community engagement with public art works across the region, promoting not just education and appreciation of the very diverse works and important artists in this area, but to illustrate how these works act as landmarks for the history of these 12 municipalities.

Is This Modern Society? Artist: Jupiterfab

The Bonjour Niagara campaign aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of Francophone organizations in the Niagara region with other organizations looking to deliver or promote French services. It consists of a bilingual web site, promotional video and booklet entitled Portrait of Niagara’s Francophone Community and is supported by promotional tools and a social media campaign.

The project is aimed at Francophones whether newcomers from other parts of Canada or from around the world, immigrants or refugees, to settle in our welcoming community.

Bonjour Niagara