Blue Gloves Cleaning Service

Blue Gloves Cleaning Services is the answer

Cleanliness, especially in an office or commercial setting, is a priority for everyone. But not everyone can or wants to take on cleaning tasks themselves, especially for a commercial business. So, who do you call? In the Niagara area, Blue Gloves Cleaning Services is the answer. 

Owner/operator Luis Martinez talks about the company. “Blue Gloves is a commercial cleaning company that was born in response to opportunity. We specialize in regular cleaning of retail and grocery stores with areas between 40,000 and 130,000 square feet. We also provide special services such as sanitation for Covid-19, window washing, pressure washing, floor care, and more.” 

Martinez and his wife Diana Giraldo conceived of the Blue Gloves concept in 2018 and were quick to execute it, but then hit a snag. “We got several contracts, but we had no way to pay the payroll, which was 14 thousand dollars a month,” he explains. “After having advice to start the cleaning company from the local community futures office, Venture Niagara, they then guided us to borrow the money to pay the expenses associated with the project.” And Blue Gloves took off. 

“Commercial cleaning has given us the opportunity to help newcomers, friends and acquaintances, and provide them with permanent or temporary employment to cover basic needs,” Martinez enthuses. “We currently have up to 30 employees between part-time and full-time.” 

The local Community Futures office being on side has really helped Blue Gloves to be the success that it is. “Having an available line of credit with the Venture Niagara loan has given us the security of taking out contracts and being able to leverage ourselves financially,” says Martinez. “We have also been able to buy machinery to provide services that give larger margins than regular cleaning. And of course, we really would not have been able to pay the salaries of the employees and our own salaries, without the loan.” 

From a start up in 2018, Blue Gloves has seen spectacular growth over the last few years. “Our goal is to invoice one million dollars between regular cleaning services and special services, by 2025,” says Martinez proudly.  

From initial conversations about the feasibility of the Blue Gloves idea, to providing the seed money to start the company, local Community Futures office Venture Niagara was there and continues to be there with Blue Gloves and Martinez and Giraldo every step of the way.  

“We are so happy and grateful to be part of the Niagara community and for our partnership with Venture Niagara,” says Giraldo. “And of course, we would love to take care of your commercial cleaning needs!” 

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